I am starting to work on my Little Red Rover again. The Feather stack from bottom to top is a Feather M4 Express, Quad Motor Controller, and an AdaLogger (RTC + SD Card). There is also a 9DOF IMU connected. I have not decided if I want to add Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Very true! I do not miss that place at all!


Our second day away from that hotel. I definitely do NOT miss the noise at night. I am doing laundry now. There are two bathrooms, and one is setup for those of us who need to sit down to shower, including bath seat and hand holds. ;-D I am also enjoying cable on a 40" (older, probably just 720p) flat screen TV

That is one problem with pups that are low to the ground. They are very quick to get stuff off the ground. Charlie is the same.


Saturday is moving day!

We can hardly wait! There are a few things I can not do until almost the last minute though.

If you can find a store that sells Marie Callender's products, you can buy one.



I have become addicted to the Chocolate Satin Pie, which I know is not diabetic friendly. Even the crust is chocolate!



Ack! That is way too humid! I have problems when the humidity here goes above 50%.



Me too! Remote controlled machines are not robots.