Me too! Remote controlled machines are not robots.

My youngest sister and her family live in Cheyenne. I hope to be there on or before sometime in October.

The National City room did not work out because they decided they do not want dogs.

However, I looked at an even better room in a better area, and am taking it. We will move in on or before June 1st. Three meals, WiFi, and laundry are included, and bus is an easy walk away. We will be able to stay there until it is time to move to Wyoming.

Many thanks! It will be so nice for use to get out of the dinky room we are in now, and in to a better neighborhood.

Yes, June 1st! I will have almost three times the space and a 40" older flat screen TV. Laundry, WiFi, and three meals a day are included. Everything else I need, including bus, are very close. It will be an easy walk with my brand new walker!

I got the room for the price I needed! It is a great area and everything, including bus, is pretty close to the house. The room is great and has a wall mounted 40" flat screen TV!

I will have about three times the space I have now.

We are going to look at the new room in Mira Mesa this morning. I really hope it is a good situation because I want us to be out of this hotel by June 1st.

Crossing fingers!!

Have you built any fully autonomous robots? In my opinion, the only real robots are autonomous.


Very true. I will have to talk to her about that. I think she needs more time to research what benefits I could get there. I know she is busy with her job and family. She is getting ready to go to one of her niece's wedding too.

Let me see now. My sister's daughters are my niece's. Would her daughters' offspring be my great nieces and nephews, or is there such a thing?

I have so much family I have not ever met.

Good work changing the timestamp color! It is plenty visible now. Thank you!